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This 15 days comprehensive wildlife and gorilla trekking safari in Uganda is an amazing offer that enables you to uncover the different residents in Uganda’s wilderness, meet your relatives in their natural habitat and know what wildlife is and should be made of.

You will visit Sipi falls, Kidepo valley national park, Murchison falls national park, Queen Elizabeth national park, and Bwindi impenetrable national park. The activities to engage in include a boat cruise, hiking to the top of the falls, game drive, cultural experience and city tours among others, besides the rewarding stopovers. There is what to admire from the start to the end of the adventure. Just book your safari

Tour in details

Day 1: Pick up and Transfer to Sipi falls Via the Nile River

In line with your early arrival at the airport, our expert driver-guide will meet and brief you about the entire safari, before getting behind the steering wheel for a 4-5 hours’ drive to the magnificent Sipi falls.

The drive will have an en-route stopover at River Nile for lunch and a boat ride to the source of the Nile. Thereafter, the drive to Sipi falls commences, traversing great vegetation, and undulating hills. Arrival at the lodge is late in the evening for dinner and a nap

Day 2: Sipi falls exploration

After a splendid breakfast meal, you will have a full day exploration around the slopes of Mount Elgon national park, through the sippi trailhead, decorated with plenty of flora, primates such as monkeys, captivating landscape, and rare bird species.

You will have a lunch break, followed by an evening visit to sippi falls, to witness the three might waterfalls, take photos, and enjoy the beautiful sceneries surrounding the place. The day ends with a peaceful sleep and an overnight.

Day 3: Depart to Kidepo valley national park via Nyero rock painting

After a glorious night of rest and day of adventure, you will depart kidepo valley national park; a true African wilderness for adventure and game viewing. The journey lasts for about 8-9 hours inclusive of Lunch en route, and another stopover at Nyero rocking painting to view the ancient architecture and rock paintings unexplained by anyone.  Thereafter, the journey to the park continues; with amazing views of the landscape, and the Karamojong grass-thatched houses; though not ignoring the beauty and traditional attire of the Karamojong.

Day 4: Game drive and the Cultural encounter

After breakfast, you will have a 20-minute Apoka viewpoint experience to see the beautiful views of the landscape and the morning risers heading to the field to graze or hunting. The start raises your spirit for the next 3-4 hours’ game viewing experience within and beyond the Narus valley; with the sights of the rolling hills, mammals, and Unique bird species right at your dispersal.

The adventure gives you a chance of spotting the different residents here notably; the giraffes, leopards, elephants, warthogs, ostriches, lions, buffaloes, and the different antelope species. 

After the adventure; a mouth-watering lunch meal awaits, before an evening visit to the Karamojong community for a culture performance and exchange. As the sun returns to rest after a long day so will you do the same at your lodge for dinner and a night of peaceful sleep.

Day 5: Depart Kidepo for Murchison falls

Your day starts with breakfast, followed by a 7-8 hours’ drive to Murchison falls national park; traversing the breathtaking landscape, scattered homesteads, and flourishing plantation.

The drive will be interrupted by an enroute stopover for lunch in Gulu city, before an evening park entrance with different mammals and a unique savannah plantation welcoming you to the oldest conservation area in the country. You will proceed to the lodge for dinner and peaceful sleep.

Day 6: Game drive and boat drive

This day starts with a yummy breakfast meal, and then a rewarding 3-4 hours’ game drive in the northern sector of the park. Besides any 4 of Africa’s Big 5 living here namely the buffaloes, lions, leopards, and elephants, there are also other mammals to look out for such as giraffes, Uganda Kobs, and waterbucks among others; the presence of birds such as the crested cranes, and shoebill stock among others; primates such as the monkeys and the fascinating landscape will surely satisfy your wildlife adventure.

However, it all doesn’t end here because after lunch, there will be a 2-3 hours’ boat cruise to the bottom of the most powerful waterfalls in the world. You will have a chance of listening to the thunders and glancing at the falls, besides the unique encounters of the residents such as the Nile crocodiles, and hippos among others; before driving back to the lodge for dinner and a nap.

Day 7: Morning top of the falls visit and Transfer to Kibale forest

On this day, you will have a morning visit to the top of Murchison falls to experience the happenings; especially witnessing the source of the falls, rainbow, and the other falls; Uhuru falls. Thereafter, you will join your driver-guide for a 7-8 hours’ drive to Kibale forest national park; with an enroute lunch stopover.

You will arrive at your lodge late in the evening after a day of amazing sceneries by the roadside. You will check in to your lodge for refreshment, followed by a mouth-watering meal before an overnight rest.

Day 8: Primate trekking and Bigodi wetland tour

You will have an early morning drive to the lodge for registration and pre-trekking briefing as soon as breakfast is done. The park rangers accompany you deep into the jungle filled with different echoes of birds, and over 13 unique primate species inclusive chimpanzees, and Columbus monkeys among others, yet also encountering lush vegetation, chimp nests and rare tree species.

Upon locating your relatives – the chimpanzees, one extra hour is given to allow you watch and take photos of the creatures playing, feeding, or erecting nest.  Thereafter, you will have a lunch break, followed by a drive to one of the most rewarding Ramsar sites in the country; Bigodi swamp to spot more primates such as the baboons, and the birds for about 1-2 hours before returning to the lodge for a rest after dinner.

Day 9: Transfer to Queen Elizabeth national park

After breakfast, you will depart the lodge for yet another very Unique and rewarding destination in Uganda; a medley of wonders, and the most visited destination in the country.

The drive lasts for about 4-6 hours, with a lunch break. As you travel, look out for the scattered homesteads, captivating landscape and the backdrop of giant Rwenzori mountains.

Day 10: Morning game drive and boat cruise

You will depart the lodge very early in the morning to look out for the prey, vultures, and predators in this Jungle as they roam in their territories, graze or hunt. On a good day, expect to spot a lion, leopard, buffaloes, elephants, and zebras among others; besides the birds, primates, and reptiles.

Thereafter, you will have bush breakfast, followed by lunch, before an amazing afternoon boat cruise at Kazinga channel; whereby you expect to spot the Nile crocodile, hippos, birds, and several mammals quenching their thirst. The day is brought to an end after dinner.

Day 11: Depart for Bwindi after Queen Elizabeth national park

After greeting your intestines with a warm energy-giving cup of coffee, your will depart the lodge for a 3-4 hours’ drive to Bwindi impenetrable national park via the home of tree-climbing lions; the famous Ishasha sector where you will track these elusive lions hoping to find one or two at the Tree Top, before heading for lunch, and eventual entrance to your lodge for refreshment, followed by dinner and asleep.

Day 12: Gorilla trekking

After breakfast, you should be at the park headquarters for a pre-gorilla trekking briefing which commences at about 8:30 am after the briefing. Trekking last for about 1-8 hours, depending on the direction the gorilla family of your choice has gone, and also your hiking pace.

Whereas the attention is consumed by the love for your relatives; the Gentle Apes-Mountain Gorillas, pay attention to the different birds, unique tree species, and primates on your way. One extra hour is given to you to take photos, ask questions and learn more about the family and its members, before returning to the lodge or relaxation, and optional cultural adventure followed by asleep and after dinner.

Day 13: Batwa encounter and transfer to Lake Bunyonyi

Today, your morning hours after breakfast will be spent exploring the Batwa village; learning the past and present lifestyle and culture of the shortest people in Uganda; visiting some of their caves; listening to the songs, and participating in the dances when asked to. Thereafter, you will return for lunch, followed by a 2-3 hours’ drive to Lake Bunyonyi (second Switzerland in Africa); sounded by over 27 fascinating islands. Upon arrival, you will spend the evening chilling and enjoying the bird songs, cool breeze from the lake, as well as eye-catching sunset rays. This day will come to an end with dinner and a nap.

Day 14: Full day Lake Bunyonyi exploration

After breakfast, you will have tours around the magnificent Lake Bunyonyi; starting with a remarkable canoe ride for about two hours to explore the different islands surrounding this lake, yet also enjoying the sights and sounds of the birds in this place.

After returning from the lake; you will reward yourself with Lunch, and then spend the evening swimming or have a nature walk in the designated place, while having photography and sightseeing. This day also comes to an end with an amazing pleasant dinner meal and a comfortable sleep.

Day 15: Departure

Enjoy a relaxed breakfast meal today, before bidding farewell to those who gave you company and then commencing with a 5-6 drive to the airport for a flight to your next destination.

This remarkable destination has an enroute stopover for lunch, photography and watching a geographical action at the equator; the marginal line crossing only 13 countries worldwide.

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